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Avcomm P2-001V2 Deluxe Push-to-Talk switch V2 Avcomm P2001V2 Deluxe Push-to-Talk switch V2

Heavy duty Deluxe Push-to-Talk switch can be mounted to just about anything. easy to install and use

Our Price: $45.42
Avcomm AC2EX 2 Place Intercom Avcomm AC2EX 2 Place Intercom

Expandable, stereo and portable: Avcomm’s new AC2EX may possibly be the only intercom you will ever need!

Instruction Manual

Our Price: $219.93


• 2~6 place panel mount intercom
• Quick Install Kit included
• Compact size fits virtually anywhere
• “Stuck mic” indicator / power transmit LED
• 12~28 volt compatible
• Pilot priority PTT
• Fail-safe feature
• Full three-year factory warranty

Instruction Manual

Avcomm’s DX-AC6PA panel mount intercom is designed to provide the highest level of audio performance. The Quick Install Kit makes it a snap for almost anyone to install the DX-AC6PA without the tedious time consuming task of soldering individual connectors. It is designed with a compact aluminum case that fits virtually anywhere on the panel.

The pilot and co-pilot jacks are prewired with reinforced tensile copper wiring with spiral shielding and a polyurethane cover. The harness and intercom plug in easily with a simple DB25 connector. Preparation of the instrument panel is simplified with a transparent template included in the kit. Color coded wiring diagram and simple straightforward instructions make it possible to be flying in two hours or less. Rugged construction is built to withstand extreme conditions common in open or closed cockpit aircraft and features a solid extruded aluminum framework which has the added benefit of dramatically reducing radio frequency interference (RFI). Thermoplastic Elastomer gaskets seal out moisture and dust for trouble free performance. Inside, a streamlined circuit board features ceramic hybrid IC chips for high reliability. The DX-AC6PA is compatible with either 12 or 28 volt electrical systems and is designed for use with up to six headsets so you can start with the pilot and co-pilot positions and add passenger positions as they are needed.

Communication features include a two stage LED that displays a green light when the power is on and yellow during radio transmission making a “stuck mic” easy to spot. The voice-activated squelch circuit (VOX) adjusts to a broad range of noise environments or can be set for a continuous open-mic condition. Pilot isolate (ISO) provides exclusive pilot communications with the ATC, pilot priority PTT allows the pilot to override co-pilot transmissions, and the “fail-safe” feature supplies a direct connection to the aircraft radio in case the power supply to the intercom is disrupted. With the optional audio panel, a music-in jack provides in-flight entertainment, automatically muting during intercom or radio activity. Add an audio recorder and with the record out feature, you can record ATC transmissions or cockpit conversations. Full three-year factory warranty

Our Price: $459.00