Avcomm P2-009 Headset 5' Extension AC-200 Bluetooth Headset Yaesu FTA-550L

Radial-Avcomm LLC. the nation's leading manufacturer and distributor of state of the art noise reduction headsets, intercoms and communications systems for Aviation, Safety, Racing, Fire, Military and Industrial applications in the world. We supply OEM products to organizations such as US Coast Guard, AT&T, Monsanto, Henderson Fire Dept., Racing Radios, Sampson Racing Communications just to name a few.

Other wireless headsets under development cannot match Avcomm's Bluetooth and Freedom Wireless™ Headset's 300-500 foot range, and NO other headset comes close to the noise reduction capability, and clarity, of the FREEDOM Wireless™ Headset.

Available in both Behind the Head and Over the Head styles, our Bluetooth and FREEDOM Wireless™ Headsets are designed for use in multiple applications, including railroads, fire/public safety, military, racing, agriculture, heavy industry and aviation, particularly ground crew.

Contact your nearest Avcomm dealer today or call Avcomm directly at: 1-800-845-7541. email sales@avcomm.com Avcomm...you can hear the difference. For more detailed information about the Avcomm Products and Headsets. Sales@avcomm.com