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The testimonials below are taken straight from our files from real Avcomm customers around the country. If you would like to submit a testimonial via e-mail, please include a digital picture of your aircraft, vehicle, atv, etc. email [email protected]

Dear AVcomm,

When we began looking into purchasing an intercom/ headset system for our custom cab engine, our main issue was difficulty hearing important radio traffic from the external speaker connected to our main radio while enroute as well as verbal communications to the crew in the crew portion of the cab. I put a lot of research into the variety of headset/ intercom systems available before making a decision to purchase our Avcomm wireless system for our engine. At the time Avcomm offered a feature that no other manufacturers did. That is the portable radio interface directly to the headset. This feature adds another dimension to us that we feel will be very valuable. As an Incident Commander I now have a wireless total fire ground communications system. I can monitor and transmit on our dispatch frequency via the Icom F121 main truck radio through the right side of my headset. This is a must so I know what resources are enroute and their status as well as being able to contact dispatch for additional resources. I also am able to monitor and transmit on our fire ground frequency via my Icom F11 portable radio staying in constant contact with my crews. Being able to monitor both of these frequencies via a portable radio has been a real hassle and I invariably miss some important communication due to both frequencies being busy at the same time. In addition I have 3rd dimension with the system in that I can maintain communication with the pump operator and any other officers or personnel that have the other headsets directly through the intercom. This relieves a considerable amount of traffic from the fire ground and dispatch frequencies.

We purchased the SC500 intercom and 4 Freedom wireless headset/ transceiver sets along with the needed cables. Avcomm has designed the system to be very user friendly as far as operation and their plug & play design makes installation a breeze. Due to the headsets being wireless you eliminate the majority of the wiring required in a wired system not to mention the wiring challenge for the crew portion of our Lance split cab. The biggest challenge in the installation is deciding where to mount the equipment. All of the components are very compact so you have a lot of flexibility with mounting locations. The option of connecting an external antenna to the transceivers will allow even more mounting locations. We had our system installed and operating in about two hours. Our initial range test without external antennas gave us an estimated range away from the engine of at least 500 feet. We had a firefighter over a block away and still functioning.

Another added feature that our firefighters like is our engine has an onboard am/fm/cd player that was difficult to hear clearly in the cab. The SC500 has an aux input that allowed us to pipe the cd player audio through the intercom and into the headsets for the ride back to the station. The same thing could be done with any portable audio source such as an mp3 player.

By choosing Avcomm we now have a tool that has dramatically enhanced our communications system and added several new dimensions that allow us to operate much safer and more efficiently with amazing simplicity. I am not aware of any other product that offers all the features that Avcomm does. A big thanks to Avcomm for listening to the end users when designing your products.


Jeff Webster – Chief
Huntsville Fire Department
Huntsville, MO

Dear AVcomm,

I've been in aviation my entire adult life. I have flown civilian and military aircraft, everything from small piston driven aircraft to jet fighters to big airliners. I've owned and used numerous headsets/earpieces during my aviation career but have never found anything that compares to the comfort and performance of my AC900 headset. Quiet, clear, and comfortable are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when describing my AC900. And when it comes to product support, Avcomm stands behind their product with unmatched customer service. Avcomm headsets, the last headset you'll ever buy.

John B.
Peachtree City, GA

Dear Avcomm,

Wow! When I sent you my headset for a cord repair, I did not expect a completely new AC900 replacement - and ear seals and covers, too!

Well you have a customer for life! Soon we will get a headset for my wife and eventually for our children - rest assured they will be wearing Avcomms!

Thanks again and also I'll encourage all my students and fellow pilots to fly with Avcomm!

Thank You!

J.D. Lewis

Hi there

I have 2 sets of AC454P Headsets that I use in my Polaris Ranger for long off road trips to reduce noise and be able to have a conversation with my buddies.

The trip we take is 140 km (90 miles) of quadding through sand, water, mud and whatever the latest weather has thrown at us, and after 65 miles we stopped for a break. Thinking back we probably shouldn't have stopped as only 2 miles later after our short break we were traveling 30 miles per hour and we kinda rolled the Ranger, the driver was thrown out of the vehicle straight through the door headset and all. I bounced around in the cab like a ping pong ball.

In the whole mess the headsets stood up quite well (still working great) but go figure we both lost the microphone muffs from our headsets.... So here's my problem where can I get a couple of replacement microphone muffs so I can keep the dirt out of the microphones of my crash resistant Avcomm Headsets?

Thanks for your help

Ken B.
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Dear AVcomm,

MY CFI and I had gone up for my first night flight. I have about twenty hours of flight time and this was my first experience flying after dark. We were remaining in the pattern and getting adjusted to the differences between night and day.

After my third stop-and-go, the rheostat went out completely just after takeoff. I had specifically used the FliteLite Avcomm headset for this flight because I knew it had the tongue activated light. I simply clicked it on and continued as if nothing had happened. The need to search for a flashlight in the dark was unnecessary.

My landings were spot-on and after half a dozen of them my instructor thought I did well enough he told me I had to fly the whole pattern to see if I could do it without the headset.

This is a product I would highly recommend for any pilot. The possible severity of the incident I experienced was eliminated by the assistance of this newly designed headset.

Thanks for contacting me and let me know if I can do anything else for Avcomm.

Jonathan Folds

Dear AVcomm,

When deciding where to source the in-car communications system for our Shelby GT350R project we did a lot of research, and talked to a lot of experienced rally racers. There was one name that kept popping up – AVCOMM. Since 1992, AVCOMM has manufactured and distributed quality headsets, intercoms, and accessories for aviation and racing, and come highly recommended by many of the experienced racers we spoke with. So we contacted Roger Lord at AVCOMM in Las Vegas, and hit the Jackpot.

We will be running their AR550 intercom system, along with new helmet kits and in-car cables for driver, navigator, and interfaces for our car-to-crew radio system, our in-car video system, and even cell phone and iPod for those transit stages where we can mosey along to the sounds of our favorite music, and even call our families to let them know how things are going in the wilds of Mexico. We’ll be able to use any of these communications systems with our helmets or headsets on. Simple, elegant, and perfect for our needs.

Gary F.

Dear AVcomm,

I was speaking with Jim Naumann, your rep at the WCS race at the Dells Raceway Park last Saturday, and I told him that your radios were the best I ever used at a track or series. He asked me to contact you and tell you what I thought of your product. In my 14 year career I have worked at Golden Sands, WIR, Wisconsin Dells, Slinger, Madison, Marshfield , WCS and the Nascar Autozone Midwest series and used a wide variety of radios in and out of the flag stand. I feel your product has the most comfortable headset, is light and easy to use, and the noise cancelling feature is a huge plus for anyone subject to the engine noise near a track. I am not sure which model I have but I would be willing to endorse your product if you would like, please let me know.

Patrick S.
DRP/Golden Sands/WIR/WCS

Dear AVcomm,

Thanks for your help and everyone at the Avcomm team. I'm very impressed with the fast service some other companies don't even email you back let alone the same day! Looking to buy another headset as well so after this I will stay with Avcomm. Has been a great headset that has caused me no troubles over the years even after being in storage for 6 years.


Dear AVcomm,

I'd just like to offer my comments on the quality of the headsets you sell. I purchased my first headset when I started learning how to fly in early 1995 - it was an Avcomm AC-800. 12 years and some 7000 flying hours later I am still using the same headset flying a CRJ700 for a large regional airline. About 4 years ago I replaced the mic and today I ordered a replacement wire (from the mic to the headset shell) to replace one that has just started to produce a little static when wiggled in the wrong direction! when i called to inquire about this part, I fully expected to hear that the part was no longer available or that I would have to send my headset in for a costly service. I was shocked when a real person answered the phone and even more amazed to find out that person was able to help find the part I needed and shipped it out to me! The headset is comfortable, quiet and terribly durable! Thank you!

Eric A.
New Richmond, WI

Dear AVcomm,

Terrific headset! I like it much more than my David Clark. As a flight instructor, I always recommend AVCOMM to my students. This particular headset has had a lot of use since I first received it in 1997.

Tom H.
Madison, WI.

Dear AVcomm,

Funny thing, I was going to reply that I really like my Avcomm unit...but I figured I would be laughed out of the room. David Clark has the name, but really they aren't anything special. I love the Avcomm disconnect, I can plug into a helo or airplane...or a firetruck/rescue unit all with the same headset just using a different cord...pretty cool and worth the money, especially for training. What you rather have...another 5 hours in your logbook or a bose headset??!!



Just a few words to express my appreciation for your call in regards to the service of my headset. It was very thoughtful of you, and shows your concern about customer satisfaction. I purchased my first Avcomm headset approximately ten years ago. This is my first call for service. I have flown commercially for some 35 years. Your headset has seen a lot of use. It has been a good piece of equipment. Very comfortable, with good noise attenuation, clear and strong transmission and and reception, extremely reliable. There is a "pricier" headset on board. When a passenger is on-board: I wear my Avcomm; they get to use the "other" set.

A close friend is a CFII. He also prefers to utilize his Avcomm headset over a more expensive set he carries on-board. In closing: thanks for offering us a reasonably priced, solidly performing, and comfortable head-set.

Harold L.W.
Standish, Me.

Dear AVcomm,

Return of 1999 model AC900P..Thanks for the great service! Put these in the archives!...3,000 hours of faultless service!

Kevin F.

Dear AVcomm,

I am a brand new private pilot — just passed my FAA checkride two days ago but I've had my headset since I began flying last October. I really liked the headset from the start. My initial instructor, who was a staunch David Clark fan, and I traded headsets on one of our flights so I could see "what a good headset felt like". Well, I couldn't get my AVCOMM set back quick enough. My AVCOMM was clearer and more comfortable than his David Clark set and I wouldn't give my headset up for anything ever again! His may have cost more and may have more "status" among certain aviation groups, but I have more features and a significantly better value! Also, when I lost my mic muff and called you for a replacement, the service you responded with was superb. I couldn't ask for more — the best value and the best support. All in all, in my book, AVCOMM is the only brand of avionics equipment to consider.

Dorothy P.
Vicksburg, MI

Dear AVcomm,

...Let me say that I'm very pleased with the new headset because I find the clarity and comfort outstanding, and add to that it is a rare thing today to find anyone so considerate of a customer's needs. Please accept my sincere thanks for your kindness. You can be sure that I'll be recommending AVCOMM to my fellow pilots and sticking with you for my future needs.

Robert E.
Ogden, UT

Dear AVcomm,

It is refreshing (in these days and times) that a company thinks as much about its customers as you do (going that extra mile). Thank you for ensuring that the headset I purchased meets to my satisfaction. I am looking forward to doing business with you in the years to come. I hope you continue to look after your customers (like me) in the future.

Dave J.
Lancaster, CA

Dear AVcomm,

...I will continue to push AVCOMM products to my students because of the great quality, price and customer service that are associated with AVCOMM products. I am thoroughly satisfied with my AVCOMM headset. I am a satisfied customer and I hope that I can bring you more satisfied customers.

Rodney J.
Brea, CA

Dear AVcomm,

I've had my David Clark H-10 60's since 1986 and they have served me well. Recently, they had to go back to the factory for a minor repair, so I used AVCOMM's new AC-454. I couldn't believe how clear and quiet everything was, not only in our Cessna 172 trainers, but in the DC-3's I occasionally fly as SIC. The real kicker was when I got my Clarks back. As good a product as they are, they couldn't compare to the AC-454's noise reduction capabilities. The price is right too. They have become my primary headset and the ones I recommend to all my students and pilots who cross my path. Good Job, AVCOMM.

Rick B.
Manager and Chief Flight Instructor
Middleton, OH

Dear AVcomm,

I have been flying 23 years. I have used many types and manufacturers, and your headsets are by far the best at reducing noise and superior comfort. You beat David Clark by a nautical mile. Keep doing what you do best.

Gary R. S.

Dear AVcomm,

I believe the AVCOMM 900 series headsets are absolutely the best value in the marketplace. We started with David Clark and LightSpeed headsets, but when I bought a set of AVCOMM 900 headsets at a show to "temporarily" replace the David Clark with a broken wire, the temporary turned to permanent. The AVCOMM 900 actually performed better than our "high quality" headsets, and at Less than half the price. Again, the best value in the marketplace. Thank you for making such a great products

Doug H.
B Bar D Aviation/Fantasy Air USA