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Product Code: SH60-BTH
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Dual Radio Headset
Featuring DNC microphone for clear transmissions and "Clear Hear" speakers for unsurpassed audio performance. This Headset Offers the Ability to Communicate with 2 Different Crew Teams.


Headset Features:
  • Behind-the-Head
  • Allows Two-Way Conversation via Push-to-Talk on Both Ear Cups for Separate Communication
  • Noise Canceling, FLEX-Boom Mic (photo does not match headset boom)
  • Clear Hear Audio Speakers
  • Push-to-Talk w/ Waterproof Cover
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap
  • Stainless Steel Headband

This headset is meant for a folks that needs to communicate to two different radios simultaneously without having to plug and unplug or change channels



• Impedance: 150 ohms

M-65 Electret Noise Canceling Mic (Amplified)

• Frequency Range: 100-17,000 Hz

• Frequency Response: 3-8,000 Hz

• Sensitivity: 101dB with 1mW Input

• Mic Source Resistance: 220-2200 ohms

• Volume Control Range: 7~100%

M-70 Electret Noise Canceling Mic
(Non Amplified)

• Frequency Response: 100-10,000 Hz

• Mic Source Resistance: 680 ohms



• Certified NRR 24 dB

• Tensile Reinforced Copper Wiring

• Water Resistant Switches

• Polyurethane Insulation (UV Safe)

• Domes: High Impact ABS Plastic

• Boom Type: Full Flex Boom

• Dome Colors: Black

• Detachable Cords with Lock-in

• 1 Year Factory Warranty


Avcomm”s exclusive EasyLink™ design utilizes detachable cords with positive-lock connectors. This feature allows the headset to connect with virtually all major brands of safety intercoms. The secret is the unique jack design built into the ear dome(s) and the independent detachable cord that simply plugs into the headset and radio.Avcomm EasyLink™ Detachable Cords

If your safety fleet vehicles have different brands of intercoms, simply select the compatible cord for each system, plug it in and you are ready to work. Do you prefer the cord connection on the right or left side? Simply unplug and reconnect to the other side.

This exclusive feature provides versatility, allowing you to connect the cord to either ear dome, as well as provide "quick fix" capability since you can easily replace the cord, and not the whole headset. The last thing you want to worry about when your headset needs service is how long it will take to get back. Now, simply replace the cord in seconds and you're back to work.

Designed for the extreme demands of professional fire/safety personnel, Avcomm Fire/Safety Headsets expertly combine performance and comfort for unsurpassed communications.

Featuring Avcomm's exclusive and patented PNR™ (Passive Noise Reduction) Technology, annoying inner ear cup vibrations are dramatically reduced while noise attenuation is increased for reliable communication when you need it. You no longer have to strain to hear your calls. Avcomm’s PNR™ Technology delivers enhanced voice clarity and transmissions for audio performance that is simply outstanding. For more information,click here. In addition, all Avcomm Fire/Safety Headsets have been certified 24db NRR to meet the needs of today's professionals. NRR Test Results are available by clicking here.

The full flex boom provides precise microphone placement for easy positioning even with gloves on and swings away for extra convenience. The noise-canceling electret microphone eliminates unwanted background noise while amplifying desired voice signals so you can be heard more clearly.

All Avcomm Fire/Safety Headsets are constructed with Avcomm Tensile Wiring with aKevlar® core which is five times stronger than steel. The results are a unique combination of dimensional stability, toughness, and flexibility to stand up under extreme conditions. The spiral shielding and polyurethane cover provide superior protection from radio frequency and electro-magnetic interference while reducing abrasion and increasing strength and flexibility.

Avcomm EasyLink™ Safety Headsets feature cushy soft oversized acoustic foam ear seals.
SH20~SH60 Features a fully adjustable Velcro® head strap and a rugged spring steel back band for a secure fit under a helmet.
SH10 is an over-the-head model featuring an easy-to-adjust stainless headband.
SH15 single-side with adjustable stainless steel headband features a plush side pad and pillow soft contoured head pad.

Because Avcomm headsets feature detachable cords, users can take their own headset with them easily and connect/disconnect as needed. This is an affordable way to reduce the spread of pathogenic viruses caused by shared headsets since the headset and cords are sold separately. In addition, Avcomm mic muffs are hypoallergenic and completely washable for maintaining hygienic usage.

Rugged cables with durable polyurethane insulation and spiral shielding to reduce RF interference, a highly reliable electret noise canceling mic for excellent sound quality, a full flex boom for easy positioning even with gloves on, volume control, and a choice of three colors for personal identification or Department preference.

Features and Benefits:

  • Convenient volume control featured on all models
  • The ear cups are manufactured from high impact ABS plastic for tensile strength, chemical and heat resistance. They are easy to clean with liquid household detergent. In addition, both ear domes swivel and rotate to provide a perfect custom fit.
  • The adjustable over-the-head Velcro® strap provides height adjustment and headset support for perfect placement while the band behind the head provides a secure and comfortable fit (SH20 through SH60). Model SH10 features easy-to-adjust stainless steel construction for a perfect custom fit.
  • All Avcomm Fire/Safety Headsets are backed by a 2-year factory warranty


  • SH10 through SH40 headsets connect to intercom only
  • SH50 headsets features (1) jack to connect to the intercom, and (1) jack to connect to a handheld radio
  • SH60 features (2) jacks, both connecting to (2) handheld radios


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