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Common Sense Guide to Avcomm Wireless Headsets

GENERAL FAQ:FreedomWireless

Q: How do you ensure that headset and transceiver stay paired?

A: Headset and transceiver always stay paired after initial pairing.  You can always reset transceiver with allen wrench and then turn on black power button on headset and hold down until LED light goes amber and headset and transceiver will repair again.

Q: Do I have to resync each time I put my headset on?

A: Headset has memory and stays paired to original transceiver it was paired to. Just push black button briefly to turn headset on and you are real time wireless.

Q: I have 3 or more positions in my apparatus requiring wireless headsets. How do I connect the crew positions to the intercom?

A: Installs are easy for the normal Crew 3 and Crew 4 positions. You will run an I0434 splitter off of the crew port on back of any intercom, connect that to your I0443 or longer cables to back of vehicle and connect the other end of cable directly into transceiver.

  NFPA Member 08-09